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Volume Override in Zone 1

This article article describes how to use volume controllers on Exigo.

It is possible to use local volume controllers on Exigo.
During emergency calls the local volume setting must be bypassed.
The volume override uses the 24VDC control output from the ESC1 or the ENA amplifier.
Volume override is activated when the 24VDC disappears.


Zenitel offers several volume controllers both for single and A-B systems:

Item no: Short code: Description:
213 1000 402 VCOR-60 Volume controller w/24VDC override, 60W, white
2131 000 401 VCOR-15 Volume controller w/24VDC override, 15W, white
300 5010 211 VM15-RD Dual Volume Control 4 Wire Override 2x15W
300 5010 214 VM50-RD Dual Volume Control 4 Wire Override 2x50W


To configure the volume controller you must use the Volume Override function.
A detailed description on the configuration can be found here.


The volume override (24VDC) must be wired from the ESC1 or the ENA amplifier to the volume controller:

24VDC wiring

Connectors on the VCOR-15 and VCOR-60:

VCOR-15 and VCOR-60 connectors

Connectors on the VM15-RD and VM50-RD:

VM15-RD and VM50-RD connectors