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Devices with Control Outputs available

This article describes the control outputs in the Exigo system in general.

  • Rack Devices (Controllers/Amplifiers):
    • 6 NO/NC relays and 24V DC outputs (200 mA)
  • Access Panels:
    • 2 NO/NC relays, and 6 digital outputs
  • Outputs are used, e.g. for:
    • Visual Call / Audio Indication
    • Local Mute of nearby loudspeakers
    • Volume Override

Control Outputs - Connections

Connections on Rack Devices:

Rack Devices

Control output connector cable requirements

Connections on Access Panels:

Access Panels


Configuration of Control Outputs are done in EMT:

Assigning Audio Activity on Control Output 1

  • In Components view open Output Actions
  • In System, identify the device and expand to Control Outputs
  • Drag the desired Output Action to Control Output > CO_x
  • Set relevant parameters in the dialog box that appears

Advanced Options:

Limit High Not OK: When the Control Output is cleared, and feedback voltage is at or above this value, the output is considered fed with alien voltage.
Limit Low OK: When the Control Output is set, and feedback voltage is above this value, the output is considered active OK.
On Lost Connection: Fall back to this state on lost connection with ESC. Available Settings: Idle State, No Change, Open, Closed.


ENA Amplifiers

Relay Outputs:

  • Max 24 VDC, 60 W
  • Max 250 VAC, 125 VA

24 VDC Outputs:

  • 24 VDC, ±10%, 200 mA

Access Panels

Relay Outputs: 2 (250VAC/200VDC, 2A, 60W)