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Exigo is an IP based PAGA system designed to meet the robust and high availability requirements in both onshore and offshore critical applications.

As an IP system, Exigo has a wide range of possibilities when it comes to integration. An audio system can integrate with Exigo using open standards such as SIP, while monitoring can be done remotely with industry standard SNMP solutions.

Analog integration to UHF or legacy audio PABX systems is also possible using the wide range of control inputs/outputs and audio inputs available in the system. The same inputs can also be used to integrate high quality music solutions to Exigo for the distribution of background music.

The Exigo system is easily configurable and scalable after installation.

What's new


NEW: Main version 1.7 released (12.2022)

Available on the download page

For a complete list of bug fixes and functional changes and enhancements see Release Notes Exigo 1.7

How to upgrade: Exigo software upgrade procedure


  • ENA2200 and ENA2400 are not supported in Exigo and newer. These are replaced by ENA2200 AC2 and ENA2400 AC2

EMT - Exigo Management Tool

EMT overview.JPG
EMT is the configuration tool for the Exigo system. The EMT runs on a Windows computer, and gives the facility to program the features of the system off-line, and at a later stage download this programming into the system.

The latest version of EMT is available on the download page.

AlphaCom Integration

Exigo alphacom integration.JPG

The Exigo-AlphaCom integration allows audio to be sent from Exigo to AlphaCom and vice versa.
AlphaCom can be integrated with different external systems using SIP trunks such as:

  • Voice Gateways (Analog, GSM, ISDN)
  • Call Managers
  • Asterisk Software PBX
  • Tetra Radio Systems

Hence, through AlphaCom integration, Exigo can be connected to a wide variety of systems.
The Exigo-AlphaCom integraton is available in Exigo 1.3.

EN54-16 Certified

En54 front page.png

The EN54 Fire detection and fire alarm systems is a mandatory standard that specifies requirements and laboratory test for every component of fire detection and fire alarm system.
EN54 allows the free movement of construction products between countries of the European Union market.
EN54 was developed and approved by European Committee for Standardization (CEN, French: Comité Européen de Normalisation). This standard is widely recognized around the world for several countries outside of European Union. It is recognized in Latin American countries, Brasil, African and Asian countries and several islands in the Pacific Ocean.
Part 16 of the EN54 certification is a certification for voice alarm control and indicating equipment. To see or download the certificate click here.