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Exigo Management Tool

This article provides an overview of the Exigo Management Tool (EMT).

  • EMT is a PC configuration tool for Exigo.
  • EMT runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • It can be used both online and offline, and maintains a database on the local computer.

Screen Layout - Projects View

EMT Screen Layout

1. Project Databases - This is an overview of all your databases/projects.
2. Selected System - This is a System Overview (device tree) of the selected system.
3. Detailed View - This is a detailed view of the currently selected item in System/Device tree (2).
4. Zones in System - This is the overview of the zones in the selected System.
5. Send/Get Buttons - These buttons are used to upload the selected database to or download a database from the system controller.

Send/Get Operation

Send Operation


  • Send will upload the selected configuration database to the System Controller in the Exigo system.
    • Each device will download its configuration database from the System Controller
    • The configuration database contains information about names and functions for all I/Os


  • Get will download the current configuration database from the System Controller in the Exigo system.

Screen Layout - Components View

  • Click Components at bottom left
EMT Components view

  • Devices: Add new devices to system
  • Input Actions: Add input action to Panel Keys or Inputs
  • Output Actions: Add output actions to Outputs
  • External Connections: Define SIP integration and Audio Program Source