Allow multiple Audio Programs on Input Lines

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EMT - Configuration Options

This article is a use case example on how the Configuration Option Allow multiple Audio Programs on Input Lines can be used.

Explanation on enabling this function can be found here.
The motivation behind this option is to be able to trig different Control Outputs with audio coming from the same Line Input.

Use case example:

A media player with control inputs that triggers 4 different audio files.
With 4 different DAK's we want to be able to trig the 4 different audio files.
Example on media player: Toa EV-20R
The analog audio from the media player is connected to a analog input on Exigo.

Wiring principle:

Media Player - Wiring Principle


Step 1.

Go to System > Programs
Create 4 different Programs. These can for example be called Media Player File 1 to 4.
More information here.

Step 2.

Drag the 4 Audio Programs on to a Audio Input.

Multiple Audio Programs on Input Lines

Step 3.

To program the DAK keys:
Drag Audio Program Control on the DAK(s).

Audio Program Control on DAK keys

Step 4.

Programming the Control Outputs:
Drag Audio Activity to the Control Outputs.

Audio Activity on Control Outputs