Local Mute Audio Lines

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This article describes local mute on audio line outputs.
This is typically used for muting IP Speakers.

In addition to use direct mute on audio line outputs it is also possible to use Control Outputs for local mute.
More information can be found here.


To assign the function Local Mute to an audio output:

  1. In Components view, open Output Actions
  2. In System, identify the audio output to be used, and expand to Device > Audio Lines.
  3. Drag Local Mute to the Auto Mute on the audio line you want to use.
Local Mute on Audio Lines

Parameter Details

The source that will trigger the mute of the audio line. The Source field can contain audio inputs, access panels and Local Mute Control input actions.

The zones in which the output on an activity is triggered. If Zone is not specified, it will be ignored when checking whether the conditions for the audio activity triggering are present or not.


This function is available from Exigo 1.3.3 and newer.