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Devices with Control Inputs available

This article describes the Control Inputs on the Exigo system in general.

  • 6 inputs on each device
  • Inputs are used, e.g. for triggering:
    • General Alarm
    • Fire Alarm
    • Live Speech from external microphone

Control Inputs - Connections

Connections on Rack Devices

Rack devices

Connections on Access Panels

Kits and access panels


Configuration of Control Inputs is done in EMT:

Input 1 on amplifier starts «Fire Alarm» message in «Main Building»

  • In Components view open Input Actions
  • In System, identify the device and expand to Control Inputs
  • Drag the desired Input Action to on_action or the off_action
  • Set relevant parameters in the dialog box that appears

Control Inputs - Monitoring

Control Input

  • Conventional inputs have two states:
    • Contact is Open
    • Contact is Closed

This makes the control input vulnerable, i.e. cable break is not detected.
On the System Controller and Amplifier it is possible to monitor the control inputs. Access panels do not support monitoring.
This is done by connecting two resistors as close as possible to the external switch/relay, one in series and one in parallel.

Control Input - Monitored

The resistor connected in series with the external switch/relay shall have a value of 1 kΩ, while the resistor connected in parallel shall be 2.2 kΩ.

Monitored Inputs have four states:

  • Contact is Open
  • Contact is Closed
  • Short circuit (error)
  • Open circuit (error)

Monitoring of inputs must be enabled in EMT:

EMT - enable monitoring

Parallel Wired Inputs

In an A-B system, it is required that signals from external systems such as fire detection are routed to both the A and B systems.

Connection with Dual-Pole Switch

If the external system has two physical outputs, a dual-pole switch connection must be made between Exigo and the external system as shown below:

A - B Dual-Pole Switch Wiring

Voltage Levels

Control input is designed around a voltage measurement. Normal voltage will be 11.7 V when nothing is connected.

Non Monitored

Voltage measured on pins under 6.2 Volts is considered to be closed. Above 6.2 Volts, it is considered to be open.


11.1 V <–> 8.2 V = Not connected
8.2 V <-> 6.2 V = Open
6.2 V <-> 2 V = Closed
2 V <-> 0 V = Shorted