Backup Amplifier Control

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This article describe the Backup Amplifier Control with the use of EMT.
From EMT it is possible to test the Backup Amplifier functionality by manually taking over one of the amplifiers that is backed up.
It is also possible from EMT to release the amplifier that has been taken over.


To find the Backup Amplifier Control functionality go to Operations -> Backup Amplifier Control

Backup Amplifier Control

There are two lists available:

  • On the left a list of backup amplifiers
  • On the right a list of normal amplifiers that is populated according to the configuration for the selected backup amplifier

Take Over and Release

Once a backup amplifier and one of the backed up amplifier is selected the Take Over button will be available.

Take Over

Click Take Over to instruct the backup amplifier to take over operation from the selected amplifier.
Now the Take Over button will be disabled and the Release button is enabled. The list of amplifiers will also indicate which amplifier is taken over.

Take Over

The other amplifiers is not available for selection until the currently taken over amplifier is released.


In order to EMT to communicate with the backup amplifier it needs to have the correct IP address.
This may be achieved by first sending the database, then do a get.

Invalid IP address

If the backup amplifier is configured with an invalid IP address (like ""), the amplifiers name will be displayed in red.


This function is available from Exigo and later.