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With SIP integration in Exigo it is possible to change destination or priority on action call before audio event.
This is done by using SIP INVITE EXTENSIONS.


Group modify is used for changing parameters of an Exigo Action Call.

GM <source> <dest> <opt: -p -r>
Source The source of the SIP call will be the <source>, hence not added to the header.
dest Optional A list of destination directory numbers.
-p <pri> Optional Change Priority of the call. 1-100
-r <"reference"> Optional Default the reference of the call is the SIP Call-ID.

Using the "-r" parameter a custom text can be added as reference.


X-IGO SIP Header Examples:
Set destinations "Zone1" and "Zone2" to a SIP INVITE X-ZAP header: (INVITE message shortened for better readability).

INVITE with Changed Destinations:

INVITE sip:98001@ SIP/2.0
Call-ID: 936936728@
Contact: <sip:123@>
X-IGO: GM 9001 9002

Changing the call setup priority to 90:

Change Priority:

X-IGO: GM -p 90

Changing zones and priority and setting custom reference

Custom call-ID, Destination and Priority:

X-IGO: GM 9001 9002 -r "My SIPCall" -p 90


This function is available from Exigo and newer.