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AMC-IP WAV File Requirements

The Audio Message must be in .wav format, and the following codecs are supported::

  • PCM files at 16kHz samplerate (linear 16bit), mono (1 channel)
  • MS ADPCM at 16kHz samplerate, mono (1 channel)
  • IMA ADPCM at 16kHz samplerate, mono (1 channel)

How to Generate WAV Files for AMC-IP

This guide can be used to adjust any audio files to be compatible with AMC-IP.

Step-by-step guide (Norwegian version of Audacity)

  1. Open the audio file in Audacity
  2. Change to mono file by going to "Spor > Stereospor til Mono"
  3. Change "Prosjektrate (Hz)" to 16000

Audacity settings


  • Reduce length of file by selecting audio and pressing delete
Audacity - before fade

  • Select an area and press "Effekt > Ton Ut" to make a less abrupt ending of the audio. This function will reduce the audio in the selected area.
Audacity - after fade

5. Export audio as WAV file by going to "File > Export Audio" and selecting "Save as type = WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM"