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This article describes how to use the External Audio Sources feature.

External Audio Sources is used to make a control output trigger on an specified external audio source. External audio sources can be a station in an AlphaCom system or a station in a SIP system which is integrated into Exigo.


To define the external audio source:

  • In Configuration view, open System
  • Click External Audio Sources to expand it
  • Press the Add button
  • Type in Directory Number and a name in the Name field
Defining an External Audio Source

The Directory Number is the number for the station that is initiating the call.

To use External Audio Source as the trigger for a control output:

  • In Components view open Output Actions
  • In System, identify the device and expand to Control Outputs
  • Drag Audio Activity to the Control Output
Assigning Audio Activity on Control Output 1

Select the External Audio Source as the Source:

Source: External Audio Source

Example - Mute IP Speaker based on specified SIP Station

It is possible to mute an IP Speaker based on a specified SIP Station doing announcement in Exigo.

  • First you need to create an SIP integration.

Create an External Audio Source with the Directory Number on the station that is going to trig the mute:

External Audio Source

Go to System -> IP Speaker -> Amplifier as independent output.
Drag Audio Activity to Auto Mute.

External Audio Source

Specify the External Audio Source and the Zone that includes the IP Speaker.
In this example an announcement from SIP Station 100 in Zone 4 will mute IP Speaker 1.


This function is available from Exigo 1.3 and newer.