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This page contains download links to Vingtor-Stentofon Exigo related manuals.


Manuals and documentation for Exigo is available on the Zenitel webpage.

Downloads - Manuals

Manual Download file Additional information
Exigo Technical Manual A100K11460 A100K11460 Exigo Technical Manual, Oil & Gas, Offshore & Marine Applications.
Exigo VACIE EN54 Manual A100K11592 A100K11592 Exigo VACIE EN54 Manual.
Exigo User Guide for Access Panels A100K11471 A100K11471 Exigo User Guide for Access Panels.
Exigo EAPII-1 & EAPII-6 Mounting Manual A100K11579 A100K11579 Exigo EAPII-1 & EAPII-6 Mounting Manual.
Exigo & Turbine Ex Installation & Maintenance A100K11499 A100K11499 Exigo & Turbine Ex Installation & Maintenance.
Exigo & Turbine Ex Mounting Manual A100K11523 A100K11523 Exigo & Turbine Ex Mounting Manual.
ELTSI -1 LET Installation Guide A100K11597 A100K11597 ELTSI -1 LET Installation Guide.
Flowire Guidelines for Exigo A100K11706 A100K11706 Flowire Guidelines for Exigo.
Flowire Configuration Manual A100K11422 A100K11422 Flowire Configuration Manual.
EPIPR-6 Installation Guide A100K11671 A100K11671 EPIPR-6 Installation Guide.
Installing SIM Card on AMC-IP A100K11815 A100K11815 Installing SIM Card on AMC-IP.
Exigo System Description System Description Exigo System Description.

Downloads - Replacing System Devices

Manual Download file Additional information
Replacing Access Panel ECPIR A100K11607 A100K11607 Replacing Access Panel ECPIR.
Replacing Flowire Converter A100K11611 A100K11611 Replacing Flowire Converter.
Replacing Amplifier Module on ENA2200 A100K11600 A100K11600 Replacing Amplifier Module on ENA2200.
Replacing Amplifier Module on ENA2400 A100K11694 A100K11694 Replacing Amplifier Module on ENA2400.
Replacing PSU on ENA2200 A100K11599 A100K11599 Replacing PSU on ENA2200.
Replacing PSU on ENA2400-DC A100K11693 A100K11693 Replacing PSU on ENA2400-DC.
Replacing PSU on ESC1 System Controller A100K11598 A100K11598 Replacing PSU on ESC1 System Controller.
Replacing Primary System Controller on ESC1 A100K11606 A100K11606 Replacing Primary System Controller on ESC1.
Replacing ENA2200/ENA2400 Amplifier A100K11605 A100K11605 Replacing ENA2200/ENA2400 Amplifier.