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This page contains a list of officially released software versions that are currently supported by Zenitel.

Systems running on a supported software does in general not need to be updated unless the system operator wants new features.

Exigo Version 1.4

The latest maintenance version of Exigo 1.4 is Exigo
Exigo is the first software supporting ENA2100-AC and IP-LCM and is the current standard software.

Exigo Version 1.3

The latest maintenance version of Exigo 1.3 is Exigo

Exigo Version 1.2

The last supported version of Exigo 1.2 is Exigo

Exigo software is the oldest software supporting ENA2200, ENA2400-AC and ENA2400-DC

Exigo Version 1.1 and older

Exigo version 1.1 is no longer supported and systems running 1.1 or 1.0 software should be upgraded to or newer.

Exigo Management Tool

General rules for EMT and database versions:

EMT Database Compatibility Between Versions 1.2, 1.3, 1.4.

  • Newer EMT versions can open and convert databases created with all older released EMT versions.
  • Older EMT versions can not open databases made from newer EMT versions.
  • EMT must be of same main version as the Exigo devices, I.E. an Exigo system running 1.3 must use EMT version 1.3.
  • Always use the last service release EMT version within a main version. This will work for all previous service versions of the same main version.