ENA2xxx Shutdown Fix

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An issue has been observed on Exigo- on ENA2200 and ENA2400 where audio channels goes in shutdown mode when playing audio with low frequencies.
To prevent this, a filter needs to be added to the channels to protect it from the very lowest frequencies.

Note.PNGThe issue is fixed in Exigo-

More information in the release note for Exigo


Log on to the ENA2xxx with SSH

SSH connection Step-By-Step

  1. Open SSH in the firewall
  2. "PuTTY" (or another terminal emulator), and select:
  • Host Name: IP address of the ENA2xxx device
  • Port = 22
  • Connection type = SSH
  • Select Open to start communication.
SSH connection

Default user and password is root.

SSH login

Add the Hi-Pass filter to the Edgeaudio client

To open the Edgeaudio file in NANO, type in this command:

nano /opt/data/config/edgeaudioclient.ini
Open Edgeaudioclient.ini file

Press enter.

At the end of the file add these lines:

Add the lines in the file

Save the file - exit SSH connection.
Reboot the ENA2xxx.