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This product is obsolete!

For customers looking for alternatives we recommend the EMMAI-2H as replacement for this microphone.


Handheld Industrial Microphone for Exigo call panel:

- Handheld microphone for Industrial application
- Stainless steel bracket included
- Push-To-Talk button
- 3-meter curly cord with plug
- Noise cancelling
- High quality digital background noise reduction
- Designed for Exigo industrial access panels & Turbine industrial intercoms

The EMMAI-1H handheld microphone is designed for use in rough environments. The microphone is used together with Exigo industrial access panels and Turbine industrial intercoms and features a PTT button. When connected to an Exigo access panel, the microphone is fully monitored. Failure of the microphone element or an open/short circuit will be detected and reported by the system.


EMMAI-1H Connections


EMMAI-1H mounting

EMMAI-1H mounting


EMMAI-1H dimensions

Additional documentation

For more documentation, please visit the Zenitel web page: https://www.zenitel.com/product/emmai-1h