Analog Integration

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Analog integration example

This article explains how to use an analog audio output from Exigo to integrate with 3rd-party equipment.
There are two options for analog audio outputs in Exigo:

Best practice for line outputs is to use a dedicated zone.
The line output can be part of another zone, but it is easier to control as a unique zone.
Signaling to the external system can be done with control output(s).

ESC1 Line Output

Using line outputs on ESC1 will be convenient if the external system is located close to the system controller(s).

ESC1 line output wiring example

Kit Line Output

Turbine Kits can be connected over the network and the kit itself can therefore be located closer to the external system.

TKIE-1/TKIE-2 line out wiring example


Configure a line output to a dedicated zone.
In the device, three select the desired device (ESC1 or Kit) > Audio Lines > Line Output:

Assigning a line output to a dedicated zone

  • Drag the Line Output to the dedicated output.

Control Output

Control outputs can be configured to trigger when there is activity on the line output.
The control output on the Exigo system can then be connected to a control input on the external system, signaling that audio is arriving.
To trigger the control output, use the Audio Activity output action:

Audio Activity configuration

Analog Line Input

It is also possible to use analog line input for integration from external systems into Exigo.
This is done by using the input action Audio Program Control.