AlphaCom Integration Troubleshooting

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This article describes the most common challenges with Exigo - AlphaCom integration.

Note.PNG Changes to SIP configuration require a reboot of both Exigo System Controller and AlphaCom.

Updating from Exigo v. LA (Limited Availability) to Exigo v. GA (General Availability)

Allow SIP Stations in Group Call

By default SIP Stations cannot be part of a group call.

Allow SIP Stations in Group Calls

In Exchange & System > System > VoIP
Tick of Allow SIP Stations in Group Calls and as default speakers in SX Conference

In the Group Call to Exigo the Automatic M-key must be ticked of.

Automatic M-key

Automatic M-key from all stations (or alternative Automatic M-key only from SIP calls).

Exigo unable to call groups in AlphaCom

In order for Exigo to be able to call groups in AlphaCom the Exigo Node flag must be enabled.
Go to Exchange & System > AlphaCom node > Net Routing > Exigo node > Change

AlphaPro - Exigo Node

Enable the Exigo Node flag.