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[[File:2131000137 BSWT-6T dimension.jpg|left|upright=2.0|thumb|alt=BSWT-6T.|BSWT-6T dimensions]]
[[File:2131000137 BSWT-6T dimension.jpg|left|600px|upright=2.0|alt=BSWT-6T.|BSWT-6T dimensions]]
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The Vingtor-Stentofon on-wall watertight speaker BSWT-6T is made for demanding environments. The speaker is well suited for marine usage with water ingress protection from all sides.

Using both cable entries facilitates loop-wiring and reduces the need for costly junction boxes.



Additional documentation

For more documentation, please visit the Zenitel web page: https://www.zenitel.com/product/bswt-6t